Friday, 1 June

Lunch Talk @ 12-1pm: On AI in emergency & humanitarian settings

Location: Said Business School - Andrew McCormack Room

Get ready for a lively and participatory discussion that will include a mini demo/interactive experience with engages with its customers in helping them to solve for challenges such as the collection and use of data in emergency and humanitarian settings, especially sensitive data related to casualties and human rights violations. This includes being part of the solution to the very real challenges that the humanitarian sector faces around sharing information in these types of environments - how much to share; how best to share; how to ensure data security etc. 

Snacks will be provided.

Speaker: Katy Pullen

Moderator: James Dickson

Lunch Workshop @ 12-2pm: AI & Deep Learning - Introduction & Applications

Location: Said Business School - Lecture Theatre 4

Said Business School, Lecture Theatre 4


This intimate workshop is designed to give you a fundamental understanding of the differences between AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning. You will also understand AI applications, platforms and explore AI in product deployment. Finally, the workshop will also touch on the design of Enterprise AI Services. 

Lunch will be provided.

Speaker: Ajit Jaokar

Moderator: Marisha Naz

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