Thursday, 31 May

Lunch Talk @ 12-1:30pm: Investing in frontier tech

Location: Said Business School - Edmond Safra Lecture Theatre

A panel discussion exploring opportunities in emerging frontier technologies such as robotics, drones, mobility, VR and AR, machine intelligence and space tech.  We will cover the changing venture capital landscape and how the industry itself is evolving to keep pace with emerging technologies, market needs and social changes.

- What is hot and what is not?
- Is the market ready for such technologies or are they passing fads?
- What are the timelines for mass adoption? And what are the key drivers?
- Who is going to win this tech race? Silicon Valley, Europe, or Asia 
- What do investors need to consider when investing in deep tech?

Lunch will be provided.

Speakers: Sunny Dhillon, Matthew Arnold, and Conor O'Sullivan

Moderator: William Stormont

Lunch Talk @ 12:15-1:15pm: Energy of the future - Making lithium batteries more efficient

Location: Said Business School - Seminar Room A

CEO of Brillpower, Chris will share with us their game-changing battery control technology, which can increase the lifetime of lithium-ion batteries by up to 60%. He will also share the challenges and opportunities with trying to commercialise clean energy technology. Brillpower is an Oxford spinout cleantech company that was awarded best EP Project in the MBA batch of 2015, and was selected as one of the EU-top 50 seed-stage start-ups at the European Innovation Summit in 2017.

Lunch will be provided.

Speaker: Chris Birkl

Moderator: Zeella Labram

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